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Edition Ltd. (“Edition”, the “Company”, or collectively with its subsidiary corporations, the “Group”) is a group engaged in investment holding, property development (1) and agricultural business.

The agricultural business which is our key segment, is shaping up to become an integral player in Singapore’s 30 by 30 initiative to raise Singapore’s food resilience to 30% of total national nutritional needs by 2030. At our pilot 1-Hectare farm, we have developed a unique proprietary cultivation technology and during the financial year, adopted additional cultivation technologies as part of our growth strategy.

The development of our SFA*-awarded 6-Hectare future farm is going through regulatory submissions on its revised design plan. While awaiting regulatory approvals, the land has been deployed to engage in open cultivation of agriculture produce. Our produce includes leafy vegetables such as Asian greens, salad vegetables and fruiting crops such as lady’s finger, eggplant and sweet corn.

Sustainability in the Future

Singapore imports over 90% of our food, a vulnerability which has been further accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a renewed focus on local farms such as ours to increase efficiency and to act as a buffer against supply chain shocks and climate change. As a company that literally works the land, we believe that our employees, the community and the environment play vital roles in the continuing existence and growth of our business.

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The following pdf documents are published information which is freely available on the SGX Website Announcements page. These are the Edition’s corporate information open to shareholders and public access. Readers may freely download it for personal consumption. Printed copy of the same will not be sent to shareholders.

Edition Annual Report 2022
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